Really lovin’ RF!

Waaaaahhhhh napasigaw talaga ako nung nabasa ko ang email ni RF. Another request ko eh pinagbigyan na naman niya!!

Nung una medyo hesitant ako na i-ask siya kasi nakapirma na kami ng contract and baka hindi na niya a-accomodate ang request ko. Weeks ang lumipas at ngayon lang ako naglakas ng loob na iemail siya.

Grabe! Ang bait bait niya! Walang ano-ano nag-ok siya agad sa request ko.  Hindi ko talaga ineexpect na pagbibigyan niya ko due to legal matters. Weeeehhhh!!!

Imagine Nation Prenup Marathon II @ PNR Tutuban

No regrets in joining this half-day event by Imagine Nation. Sobrang saya!!! And it’s a very unusual experience.  In my previous post sabi ko half excited ako kasi I’m not yet prepared. But I don’t know if you would believe me pa once I shared with you how the day went last Saturday (October 6, 2012).

So here it goes.

Friday, we took a leave to buy costumes na wala pa kami. Actually, si Rey lang ang bibili kasi I already have costumes na, some are mine, some are borrowed. We said we’ll go home early so we could have a rest pero hindi rin natupad. Hmmmm dahil matagal kami namili? And dumaan pa kami sa Choco Lovers for our business. Gabi na kami nakauwi dahil ang hirap sumakay. Gosh! Ngayon ko na lang ulit naexperience ang umuwi ng rush hour, ang daming tao at punuan ang bus, tayuan pa.

So moving on.

Pagdating sa bahay tulog agad ako. Zzzzzzzzz… (bagsak agad dahil nagshopping straight from shift)

Come Saturday, I woke up 5:30am dahil hindi pa nakaprepare ang mga gamit ko. Literal!

Nilabas ko na ang kodigo ko and I started preparing.

Thanks to my officemate, Joan, for the suggestion na i-plastic isa-isa ang mga costume para madaling kuhanin.

yung papel ang kodigo ko where I wrote kung anong susuotin ko for a particular theme

Yehes! Naka-maleta ako dahil hindi talaga ako effective sa pack lite. Ultimo accessories nakastorage box pa. May isa pa akong malaking paper bag for the shoes naman. 😀

dala ko talaga si w@w primer kasi I’m planning to have it as props

Nakaalis na kami sa bahay ng 11am (supposed to be 9am). Initially, sa Tutuban Mall talaga ang way namin pero dahil sabi ng IN dun daw mag-park. But for some reason eh may sinundan ang Daddy ko kaya kung san-san kami napadpad. Di naman kami naligaw and napaganda pa ata yung pagkasunod namin dun sa sasakyan na yun dahil natumbok namin ang PNR Tutuban station. And Voila! may parking lot sa tabi nun. A blessing in disguise. 🙂

After we parked we went straight to the PNR premises and looked for the site. It was around 1:30pm so we immediately registered and got our Prenup Kit. Included in the kit are discount coupons from Josiah’s, Kris Bacani, and Judy Uson cake artist. Medyo kinakabakabahan pa kami nito!!!

We picked 1. Larry Leong for “Rain or Shine” 2. Aika Guerero for “Love the Waitin’!” 3. Jan Ray Bautista for “Rockstar Legend”. I am happy with what we’ve picked coz I’m looking forward for the Rockstar Legend theme. I also wanted to have shoot with Alex Ruelo but he’s not in the group I’ve picked. Oh well.

Then, we gave the things we’re not going to use to my parents so they can move on with their own agenda which is to shop at Divi.

Pumila na ako sa make up station. There are 3 make up artist on stand by. There’s Girlie Uy (far left) and i was assigned to Jo Chan (rightmost). I wasn’t able to get the name of the make up artist in the middle. Sorry.

We’re supposed to have our first shoot at 2:10pm. But oh my natagalan ako sa make up. Ang sabi 2nd ako pero yun pala pang-3rd ako. Napalipat pa ako dun sa make up artist sa gitna for the reason na I can’t understand pero bumalik din ako kay Jo Chan. Ang gulo lang! Anyway, siya talaga ang gusto ko mag make up sakin and nagustuhan ko how she did my make up!

Mga 4pm na ata (if I’m not mistaken) kami nagstart mag-shoot and inip na inip na si Rey. Kawawa! hehe… We are given 10-minute shoot per theme and then 10-minute break (to eat and change costume). Natapos kami ng mga almost 6pm na. And i just can’t analyze pano nagkaganun kung tig-10 minutes lang kami.

Oh i forgot our food sponsor pala is Josiah’s. Puro appetizers and desserts lang. Not bad, Josiah’s pa rin naman yun. hehe 🙂

We had our snack after our last shoot. IN is kind enough to let the couples have their 4th shot with any theme. But we didn’t get it na since we’re tired and we don’t have extra clothes anymore.

nabusog pa rin naman kami

It was reeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy a fuuuunnnnnnnn activity!!! Nawala ang mga kaba namin!!! Though I’m looking forward also to meet other w@wies pero dahil sobrang marathon talaga ito eh wala akong nameet. Oh si Iyah pala.

Oh by the way, it’s not only me who enjoyed this event. I’m pretty sure Rey also did. I saw na he’s game with the posing and all and ang poker face expression niya eh napalitan ng all smiles. Ang dami pa nga niya reklamo sakin dahil marami raw siyang naisip na pose na hindi namin nagawa like mga lifting shots at rockstar poses niya. haha. Plus nagtanong pa siya kung gusto ko pa magpakuha ng 4th theme baka raw kasi magsisi ako kung hindi kami magpakuha. If I know gusto niya lang talaga! haha… Happy to know na he did enjoy rin.

back to normal expression na siya. hihi

Sana magkaroon ulit ng ganitong prenup marathon and sasali ulit kami. 🙂

Excited na ako to see the pictures. It will be ready for pick up by Oct. 20 raw.

By the way, I’d like to share na rin the costumes I prepared.

  • Rain or Shine – all costumes are mine

  • Love the waiting – tinanggal ko lang ang blazer

  • Travel through the trails – I intentionally bought this dress for this prenup.

Earrings and sandals c/o my officemate, Joan

  • Indie with Kimy

necklace c/o my officemate, Jane; bangle and headpiece c/o my officemate,Joan

  • Light, camera, action

 earrings, headpiece, sandals c/o my officemates,Joan, Shiela, Tita Jen (respectively)

  • Coffee date by the train

earrings c/o my officemate, Joan

  • Sweetheart Athletes

  • Rockstar Legend

accessories and skirt c/o my officemate, Joan; boots c/o my officemate, Shiela

Oh by the way, October 13 is a significant date to us. Though we’re not celebrating it, still it’s a part of what we are now.


Sharing: RF’s stand on (an expensive) wedding

Copied from RF’s fb post.


In the news today: “Half of Filipino Catholics shunning church weddings” because weddings are deemed too costly.

My wife and i got married in very simple rites. Just 1 ninong and ninang, i in a regular suit, she in a simple white dress. No grand entrances, no flowers along the aisle. The reception was in a sports club in Makati. We’ve been married 18 years, and blessed with 3 angels masquerading as children.A wedding need not be en grande to be pleasing in God’s eyes.But then again, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and couples deserve to have their dreams fulfilled. How DO we make more couples have church weddings, then?

1. Suppliers should re-think their rates. Yeah, this would be an unpopular suggestion. But I’m not talking about those whose profit margins are barely enough to cover for expenses; i’m referring to those whose prices are based on reputation. Some will say, “but we earned this reputation and, thus, deserve to be paid as much.” I may actually agree with you. But i hope you will also remember, at some time in the past, you had done the same kind of work as a SERVICE to your couples. I hope that wedding suppliers can find this spark of “service above all”, and bring the costs down for marrying couples.

2. Churches should ALSO re-think their attitudes about weddings. Some churches consider weddings as a business and a money-making venture. I mean, Php25-40K just to allow a wedding in this or that church, wala pa dito yung “donation” kay Father? Insisting that the couple get the resident choir at Php5,000 or a fee of Php2,000 if an outside choir is secured? How about Php1,000 fee just to open the main door as the bride enters, or another Php1,000 fee to allow the use of the choir loft for a “top shot”? Oh, and how about this church that charges Php1,000 PER PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM just to shoot inside the church?

3. The couples themselves should also re-think about the essence of the SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE, and the grace that flows from the same. It is not about the designer gowns worn by the entourage or the snazzy flowers, or the Php1,000 per plate reception food. Marriage is about 3 people — the bride, the groom and God — and that vow that will last forever.

As i write this, wifey comes along, reads over my shoulder, and reminds me that she EXPECTS to walk down the aisle on our 25th anniversary — in a designer gown, with a grand entrance in her favourite church in Alabang, with snazzy flowers by Vatel Manila and Php1,000/plate at the reception.

I guess after having to bear with me for 25 years, she deserves it.

The last words are very sweet, it made my heart melt.

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