We are now a FAMILY

The “pamamanhikan” is a Filipino tradition done to formally announce the engagement of a couple. It is also a chance for the two families to meet together. It should be done right after a couple is engaged or before they start their wedding preps. But, nowadays, it is acceptable that it might occur in the middle of the wedding preps.

Like in our case, we planned to have it at Christmas time of 2012. Two reasons: 1) Daddy might come home in Christmas 2) Double celebration means one time big time “handaan”. The event was postponed because of conflicts in schedule so we planned it after New Year. But unfortunately, Daddy left for work before the year ends. So when we knew that Daddy is coming home again in June we hastily asked him if we can have it on the 22nd. He insisted to have it a week after he arrived because he might leave again sooner. Thus, June 15, 2013 is the day.

Good thing that Rey & I have been to my cousin’s “pamamanhikan” so we already knew what to expect. Rey’s family brought in food I personally requested for his tatay to cook – Beef Steak with Mushroom and Lechon Kawali. While Daddy requested kambing kahit 1 kilo lang daw so Rey handed me money. But Daddy decided to buy a live kambing, he just added a few bucks. While Mommy added tuna pesto spaghetti, baked bangus and fruit salad. My cousin who got his first blood from work treated me with Sr. Pedro’s lechon manok. In addition, I bought 2 dedication cakes (one for the pamamanhikan and one for Rey’s birthday and Father’s Day).

We started with a prayer. Then on with the agenda.

I am so proud of Rey because he started the ball rolling. With the usual lines… “Nandito po kami para pormal na hingin ang kamay ng inyong anak”. But I think the parent of the groom should be saying this. Anyway. My mom joked around and said “ayoko nga”. Then it’s a hint that it’s not gonna be a formal gathering.

Daddy bumabangka

Our conversation revolved around advices from the elderlies on marriage life. We also discussed a few things about our upcoming event and our life-to-be after the wedding. I didn’t expect that my Tito Rod would be so teary eyed at the thought of me getting married. Sabi nga niya siya kasi ang nag-alaga sakin bata pa lang ako. Well, it is given that Daddy would be also. Before we wrapped up, Mommy expressed herself by saying “nalulungkot ako”. There had been a few seconds of silence and in order to lighten the situation I just said “save your tears for the wedding”. We ended the moment with a prayer.

Trinidad-Mateo Clan

Domingo-Cana Clan

Now, it’s “chibugan” time!

Kalderetang kambing, Papaitang kambing, Kilawing kambing, Beef Steak with Mushroom, Lechon Kawali. Baked Bangus, Tuna Pesto Spaghetti, Lechon Manok, Cake, Fruit Salad

uy tumingin si Tatay

Our cake :)

Our cake 🙂

By the way, here’s the toast Daddy requested. I’m not sure if this is for the union of our families or for Rey’s birthday. Whatever it is, it’s nice to see them all game for this.

The toast

The toast

This wedding thingy is breaking in my system

I am the person who would rather receive cake than flowers, would choose green over pink, and who would okay with any gown. I am not the typical kikay-sweet girl. I am maarte but not with clothes, bags, makeup, fashion etc. I know you get what I mean.

But because of wedding preps I think my girl meter is running to 10.


But Green is still my thing…

All inspirations from Pinterest.

Wedding at the Central United Methodist Church

After my second fitting with Hana, sorry I chose not to share it at this time, we went straight to Central UMC.

Our purpose of going there is to clarify some things like the flower arrangement, the liturgy, the administrating pastor, etc.

Upon reaching CUMC, we were surprised that there will a wedding. Instant ocular!

basic flower arrangement

basic flower arrangement

After, we went to the office to talk to Ms. Babes, the coordinator. But she is on leave. Good thing that Ate Jenny is kind enough to entertain us. Though she cannot answer all, at least some of the major concerns were addressed. I was saddened that Bishop Cerrie won’t be really administrating our wedding because of his assignment to Mindanao. Oh well. For the flowers, there’s upgrade available at a cost. They don’t allow outside florist, it’s a case to case basis. More appropriate to say is they don’t allow flower arranging to be done at the church. Pwede raw salpak lang nang salpak. The liturgy that Ms. Babes gave me before is the exact liturgy to be used, we just have to reproduce it.  We will coming back again to have a more detailed discussion with Ms. Babes.

Since, we’re already there and a wedding is about to start, we stayed. Ate Jenny invited us to come inside the church so we could watch it closely. To avoid attention, we stayed at the balcony. Then the ceremony began.

I noticed too many glitches in this wedding. So I was like – ayoko ng ganyan, gusto ko ng ganito, ay bakit ganyan? bakit ganun? ay bakit walang upuan ang couple? bakit nagbasa lang ang pastor? bakit ang bilis?. The sounds administrator and the wedding singer heard me, said that it’s normal for a Chinese wedding but if it’s a Filipino it’s totally different. Hay buti na lang.

We left after the recession. On to our next destination – airport to fetch Daddy and do a little shopping at Duty Free. Wheeeee!!!

We’re engaged! (late post)

I just remembered that I haven’t blogged about our first year of engagement yet. Been busy that I didn’t had the chance or should I say I forgot to post it.

For the record, May 26, 2013 marks our first year of engagement and every time I try to recall how it happened, it’s still vague. Ganun yata talaga.

Anyway, here is my facebook post sharing how it happened.

And I found this video in you tube, the time when he popped the question. 🙂

We celebrated the day by going to Starmall SJDM and bought materials for our props for our prenup the next day. I craved for Chicboy and there we shared the moment.

ako na ang matakaw

ako na ang matakaw

Update: Found this video from you tube. May karugtong pa pala yun, hindi ko alam, lutang talaga ako. 😀

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