Wedding Preps Marathon: Designer, Hotel, Venue, Food tasting, Bridal Fair

Gown measurement with Hana Saab Tomacruz

Originally this is not part of the plan but since we’ll be going out and Hana has set this day for our measurement I set a meeting with her.

Side kwento: I’ve been trying to avoid this day every time she mentions it for the reason that I want to gain more weight. Also, I’ll be completing my 50% down payment with her, in short, ayaw ko pa magbayad. Haha!

We arrived almost 30 minutes late to our call time. Hana’s husband greeted us and it’s like they are expecting me because he knew my name. We were escorted to Hana’s shop and at the door there she was welcoming us. Todo ang pag-greet ko sa kanya, high pitch pa nga ata. I was expecting a lively welcome something like she is excited to see me. Nakalimutan ko Hana is so mahinhin at soft spoken nga pala.

There were already people inside and I hinted they are customers too. Well, Hana confirmed my guess but she said they are early pa so it’s still my time. We proceeded immediately. She asked if I brought with me all her requests – good fitting bra and high heels shoes. I even wore a sleeveless because I remember in her notes that sleeveless shirt is better. She verified if the sketch is final but being the undecided me, I said no. I showed her more new pegs and told her some revisions and asked her if she can do another sketch for me. She haven’t done any but said that we could finalize it on our first fitting. Maybe she noticed that I’m still confused with what I want not to mention there are other people waiting. Then the actual measurement began.

Measurement with HST

my ever supportive family

my ever supportive family

Measurement with HST

we're done

we’re done

By the way, below is one of the pegs I showed her (at the middle). Very bare back huh? Of course, my mom resisted with conviction. Ikakasal daw kasi ako. And Hana seconded that it is impossible kasi wala raw pagkakapitan ng tela. Then I showed it to Rey and he violently reacted too. Ok ok kinombo ako! Erase! Erase! Erase!

inspiration from Sherri Hill prom dresses

inspiration from Sherri Hill prom dresses

I asked Hana to sketch a gown for my mom baka lang ma-convince si mommy na sa kanya magpagawa. Hana did. But my mom didn’t give any answer yet.

The measurement happened in less than an hour I thought it would last for two or more. It was literally a measurement lang pala. I didn’t take my time because there are other customer next in line. I think there are two more brides or entourage?

Hana scheduled our Muslin fitting sometime in May because she won’t be around in April. Magbabakasyon daw siya sa in laws niya sa States. Wow!

It was past 2 and we’re too early for the Park Metro ocular so I asked daddy if we could do an ocular to hotels. Of course, he can’t say no to me.

Hotel Ocular

1. Diamond Hotel

Wedding package (bridal package)

– overnight stay with complimentary breakfast for two

– use of hotel lobby, grand staircase, guest floor hallway,hotel driveway and pool area for photo shoot

– 20% off on couple’s body massage

– 20% off in all restaurants

Check in: 2pm; Check out: 12noon

Parking: 1 car per room; P90/3hours, 50/hour in excess

Contact person: Kelly


Superior room: P8,000nett

Deluxe room: P9,000.00nett

Diamond Club: P12,000.00nett

Executive Suite: P15,000.00nett

SPArty: P14,900.00nett*

*massage for two, use of spa suite for 4 hours, spa menu and drinks

The Superior Room

The Superior Room

The Superior Room

The Superior Room

Sorry, Rey forgot to take a picture of the Executive Suite but I tell you it’s spacious enough and it’s facing the bay. We pencil booked on the spot.

The rates above are for bridal package which includes fees for the pictorial in lobby, pool, staircase etc. But if you’re planning to get another room, local resident rate will apply which is lower. They are not strict on number of persons in a room.

Anyway,I would like to commend Kelly and all the staff of this hotel for being so accommodating and friendly.

For reservation please call (632) 528-3000 or email

2. Hyatt Hotel

Check in: 12noon; Check out: 2pm

Parking: not limited


Executive Suite: P16,000.00nett for 2 pax

P17,500.00nett for 3 pax

Hyatt's Suite

Hyatt’s Suite

Suite's bedroom

Suite’s bedroom

Hyatt's Suite

Hyatt’s Suite

Hyatt is in our list for ocular and good thing it’s just at the back Diamond Hotel. Their executive suite is P1,000 more than Diamond’s. We find the hotel like a ghost town because few people come in and out unlike in Diamond. Well, I think it’s a good thing also because your stay would surely be quiet and relaxing.

The concierge said that they can give the presidential suite as a free upgrade if it still available on the day of our stay. Did i mention that it is 4 times larger? Well, it will still depend if our booking will be affected. Not strict on numbers of persons in a room. No lobby staircase.

For reservation please call (632) 245-1234 or email

3. Bayview Park Hotel

Check in: 12noon; Check out: 2pm


Executive Suite: P9,728.00 nett

– with free 2 ticket entrance with their partner theme park (we guessed it’s Ocean Park)

Executive Suite

Executive Suite

the room

the room





I have been eyeing Bayview Park Hotel for our wedding preps since we discovered it from a bridal fair. They offer the lowest rate and gives promo. So I insisted that we pay it a visit too.

As we entered their lobby my expectations went low. But what if the rooms are okay? So we still gave it a try.

Well, based on the images above the rooms are not that bad. It’s big enough but I don’t like the ambience. Also, the bay is not visible in the hotel as I thought of. They are strict on the numbers of persons in a room. More affordable rates than the other two hotels we went.

For reservation please call 247-9000 / 526-1555 or email

Park Metro (now Le Parc) Ocular

We were just in time at the venue. I think they have just finished their setup. The venue looked good and classy even without the drapes. We were surprised to know that Swan is the caterer. I think the venue would look more beautiful at night with lights setup. We concluded that tall centerpieces will match the high ceiling of the venue.


wedding setup by Swan


wedding setup by Swan

Themes & Motif Bridal Fair @ SMX

Last stop is at the bridal fair for our food tasting (again and again) with Richgold. Aside from food tasting we also have other agenda with Jed that is to negotiate (again) with freebies. I can’t remember how many times we’ve made some negotiations with their freebies. Buti na lang di sila nakukulitan sakin. lol

Anyway, Rey and I are decided not to get their mobile bar freebie. I don’t know if they are just kind to me or is it because of my charm (ahem! :p) that I can always convince them changing this and that. Ako na ang demanding! Freebie na nga lang magdedemand pa ako. haha… So, Jed allowed us to use their budget for the mobile bar to cover up the upgrade for the Photobooth and Emcee. By the way, from their list of photobooth suppliers, we chose Click D’ Fun. And because I wanted a male host we requested if they could contact Norly Dizon or Richard Agtarap. But as per Jed, male hosts have higher rates than a female so they’ll just try to negotiate but cannot guarantee me that they can get either of those hosts. *crossed fingers*

Haven’t taken a picture of the food because we are so damn hungry that time. Food served were Lumpia in fried wrapper, Pan seared fish in tomato salsa, Pork belly (something), Korean beef stew (my favorite), Fettuccine in roasted bar & mushroom sauce, and the new to my palate, Chicken Parmigiana (recommended). Desserts were also served.

Since we’re at the bridal fair we searched for GQ Mobile Bar. Based on the flyers I’ve collected, they offer the lowest rate. Aside from that I’ve tasted their cocktails, although it’s not as bold as Elation’s or Flair Up’s, it’s acceptable. We booked them on the spot then sampled their best sellers then for our package.

Oh I almost forgot, we won from the fair’s hourly raffle.

silver pendant from La Real Jewelry

silver pendant from La Real Jewelry

We stayed until the grand raffle hoping we could win with our ONE raffle entry. Talk about fighting spirit. Lol. Boo! Pang-minor prizes lang talaga kami. :p

Second detailing with Richgold Weddings

It’s quite weird that I am writing a 2nd detailing with our caterer without a prequel to this. Lol. Sorry. Anyway, for the sake of having one I’ll just give a gist of what happened to our first detailing. Actually, if not because of Thoffy, our coordinator, we won’t be having a detailing that early. I thought that our detailing with Richgold will happen sometime in September 2013. Talk about procrastination. Well, ang totoo I don’t know that we can have a detailing as early as that. Kaya pala tuwing magkikita kami ni Jed eh tinatanong ako kung kelan kami magdedetailing. I was with Thoffy, my mom, my brother and of course Rey. It happened last November 22, 2012 before kami pumunta sa Baler (Thanksgiving Holiday). I can say that it is more of food tasting lang kasi our ideas are still scattered though we have showed some pegs of our visioned reception. But at least may nasimulan. Here are some of the pegs we showed them. By the way, for the reception, we want a music concert theme. And the motif is orange. Well, we don’t want the gowns of our entourage to match the table linens that’s why. And because I wanted an autumn theme for the church we connected it to the reception.

trusses for the couple’s stage

or guitar for backdrop (inspiration from Empress Schuck’s debut)

music sheet as place mat

for centerpiece; forgot what it’s called basta I like the idea

guitar centerpiece representing Rey’s hobby

scattered picks at the table

And here are the food that Chef Bryan served us.

pan seared fish with tomato salsa (recommended)

eggplant parmigiana (recommended) & roasted chicken with au jus sauce

sliced pork with pineapple and peppercorn

korean beef stew (thumbs up!)

roasted bar and mushroom fettuccini (not a fan of white sauce but this one’s good)

I know that hindi ako nagkamali ng pagkuha sa kanila kasi nagustuhan ni Thoffy ang food. πŸ™‚ The detailing ended with Jed saying that he’ll get back to me regarding the styling. And he’ll request for a second detailing sometime in January with the stylist. =================================================== Fast forward February 24, 2013, our second detailing. Dapat 2nd week to ng January pero dahil kagagaling lang ng holiday and sunod sunod ang events nila plus hindi pa kami nakakagawa ng guitar centerpiece na nirequest ng stylist, ay naurong. Unfortunately, we haven’t done any guitar table centerpiece (dahil ang hirap!) which lead to changing our minds. Medyo naumay si ReyΒ  sa gitara so he decided na ayaw na niya nun. Side kwento: nag-leave pa naman kami at nagpunta ng divi para sa DIY na guitar centerpiece but we ended up doing nothing. 😦 Moving on, our first agenda is with Carlo Verdadero, Richgold’s in house stylist. He discussed what the setup would be. Here is what he’s prepared for us, both are upgraded.

hmmmm bakit kaya niya ginawang orange yung gitara? Wala lang! haha…

But as I’ve said naumay na si Rey sa gitara so scratch na tong idea na to. Rey just wants a topiary for the centerpiece para medyo formal daw. Here’s exactly what he likes.

“Red roses dapat” – Rey

Ayun, so we discussed the pricing and ahem…ahem… It’s not that high compared to other stylist but we don’t know yet if we still have a budget for this. But Rey stiffly said that he wanted an upgrade styling for the reception. Sabi niya eh! We negotiated din some upgrade but Carlo cannot give us pure roses coz it’s pricey. We asked him also if he can do the styling sa church and he said yes. His rate is just like what Amante Fleurs (my prospect florist) quoted me. We haven’t concluded anything yet regarding the styling, let’s just see. On to the food tasting, this time I was with my MOHs. So happy that pumayag sila na samahan ako dito. My parents did not join us because they had their own errands for that day. Daddy waited for the dining chairs he ordered while Mommy was sick.

my girls busy sa pag-picture

We requested a specific food but they didn’t grant some of it because as what have Jed said they have a client prior to us and it was also the dishes served to them. Ok lang, matitikman pa rin naman namin yung iba nilang food. Sabi nga ni Jed “mapipigilan ba namin ang mga client namin kung gusto nilang tikman lahat ng food”. Supposedly may bayad yung extra head aside sa couple but Jed kindly waived it. Here’s what Chef Bryan served us.

Fettuccine Puttanesca (recommended)

Penne Pomodoro


pan seared fish with mango salsa (recommended)

Others, I forgot to take a picture busy na sa pagkain, were Lumpia with deep fried wrapper (recommended), Beef skewer (thumbs up!), Pork belly something (I forgot the name) and Roasted chicken with au jus sauce (served during 1st detailing).

Again, I know hindi ako nagkamali kasi nagustuhan naman ng mga MOHs ko ang food. πŸ™‚

Pictures with Chef Bryan, Sir Philip (the owner) and our gwapong AE, Jed.

with Chef Bryan & Sir Philip

with our AE, Jed

I was so happy with the outcome of our detailing. Most of our requests were granted. They even gave us another freebie on top of the 5 freebies we got from them. How was that? Jed also suggested a cost-friendly way to serve food to the kids. I didn’t know it’s possible. Well, sa kanila lang siguro pwede yung ganun. Lastly, we got our contract na. I can say we are well taken care of by our caterer. πŸ™‚

Sa sobrang busog namin we capped off the day with a milk tea from Gong Cha.

Special shout out to my MOHs, na hindi pa nila alam na MOH sila, thanks for coming with us on that day. I really appreciate it! P.S. My MOHs fitted an infinity dress at Cinderella to know if it will look good on them. What do you think? πŸ™‚

Whose fault is it? An experience with a famous caterer.

Just sharing a bad experience from a venue ocular and food tasting with a caterer.

I have already shared this to my fellow w@wies so I’ll just copy and paste everything.


Hi w@wies,

Share ko lang experience ko last Sunday with Hizon’s FT at The Venue Plaza.
First and foremost, hindi ko alam kung kaninong fault yung nangyari kung Hizons ba, or kung sa The Venue, or sakin (sige na isasali ko na rin ang sarili ko).

Ganito kasi ang nangyari nun. Ininvite kami ng The Venue Prism Plaza para sa
ocular (“We would like to invite you the first open house on Sunday Sept 9 at
the VENUE so you can check out the place and have a sample of food tasting of
Hizon’s Catering.” – eto ang exact email nila). Tapos nag-confirm ako and then
tinanong kung ilan ang kasama ko. So ang sinabi ko naman eh tentative 5 kami.
Pero ang sabi ko hindi ko alam ang magiging arrangement kasi meron na kaming FT with Hizons ng Saturday sa ibang venue. So ang sabi ng kausap ko “Dont worry, We can still include you to our guest list for food tasting even if you already have different schedule with them on saturday.” Yan ang exact email sakin.

So come Sunday heto na punta naman kami sa The Venue. Hinanap ko si Chella (yung kausap ko) ang sabi sandali lang daw. May lumapit samin sabi wala raw si Chella lumabas lang sandali. So kinausap na rin namin yung girl regarding sa venue etc. And then nung parang napansin ko na gusto na kaming paalisin tinanong ko kung mag-sasample ba kami ng food nila. Umalis siya sandali then maya-maya may lumapit na samin. Nagulat ako kasi yung AE na kausap namin sa Hizons nung Saturday eh siya yung humarap samin. Sinabi samin na since nakapag-FT na kami nung Saturday eh hindi na kami pwede mag-FT ulit. Kung gusto raw namin eh magbayad kami. So syempre hindi pumayag ang lola niyo. Kasi in the first place we were invited by The Venue and wala naman sinabi na may charge yun. Todo explain naman ako. And buti na lang ready ako at pinrint ko yung email sakin pinakita ko yung sa kanya and then umalis saglit tapos pagbalik sabi seservan na lang daw kami ng food, maghati-hati na lang daw kami.

Nahiya ako sa parents ko at brother ko kasi excited pa naman sila mag-FT. Para
sakin ok lang naman na hindi na ako makakain kasi oo nga natikman na naman namin yung food nila. And kaya ko sila sinama kasi gusto ko ma-experience nila. Although sinervan nga kami ng food pero plated. They never let us experience the buffet. And ang sinerve lang talaga eh 3 plates! Take note 3 plates and plated pa! So nagmukha naman kaming kawawa nun diba. Hindi na kami pinag-buffet yung parents ko plated pa hindi pa kami talaga sinama ni h2b sa serving considering na plated na nga yun. I hope you get my sentiments.

Actually, nung pagkasabi pa lang na magbayad kami eh ready na kaming umalis
hindi na kami kakain kasi nabad trip na rin ako. Ayaw na rin ng Daddy ko tska
kapatid ko. Yung Mommy ko lang ang mapilit kasi ang point naman niya ibang tao ang kausap ko sa event na yun bakit yung AE raw ng Hizons ang humarap sakin. And ang bastos naman daw ng dating kung aalis na lang kami bigla. Ayun nung nagpaalam na kami na aalis na kami at hindi na mag-FT sabay naiserve yung food kaya wala na kaming choice kundi kainin kasi nakakahiya rin naman dun sa waiter at nangusap na yung tao na taga The Venue na kainin na namin yung food. If you could picture it, we are 5 sharing 3 small plates of food. O diba sana nandyan na lang yung batang may dala ng 5 loaves and 2 fishes at nagdasal kami para dumami yung food. Hindi na kami kumain ng Mommy ko binigay na lang namin sa boys tutal gutom na rin sila. Galing pa din kami Bulacan nyan ah.

Ayun, so sobrang sama talaga ng loob ko sa kanila pero kineber ko na lang tinurn to positive ko na lang. Inisip ko na lang at least pinakain kami kahit plated. At hindi naman namin sila kukunin.Hehe.. Grabe lang ang poor customer service nila. So ngayon hindi ko alam kung kaninong fault yun. Gusto ko sana eemail yung The Venue sa nangyari kaso sabi ni Rey wag na raw bayaan ko na lang yun kasi hindi raw lahat ng bagay dapat patulan. Kaya sabi ko sa kanya sige sa w@w na lang ako mag-shashare. Everytime na naiisip ko nakakasama talaga ng loob, para kaming nilimusan ng pagkain. And my sentiments are more for my parents naawa ako sa kanila at the same time napahiya ako sa kanila. Bakit yung ibang caterer pumapayag ng hanggang 5 ang guests. Hay ayan na naman ako.

Sorry girls kung medyo napahaba. Stop na ako dito kasi baka humaba pa lalo at
mag-rant ako nang mag-rant.

Thanks mga sis for reading!

Jenel πŸ™‚


I’ve received different kinds of reactions from my sissies. Some were angry, some were pitiful, some were disappointed, etc. But nonetheless, it helped me move on knowing that these people were at my side.

Now whose fault is it? I don’t care anymore. Well, “quits na kami” coz I’m not getting any from them.


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