W@W Christmas Party 2012

Last November 16 was the w@w Christmas Party and i didn’t regret taking a leave to join this once in a year event.

1. I got the chance to see in person those people I talk to in cyberspace.

Riza, fellow Le Pav Park Metro bride

Joed, the celebrity bride (as I call her)

the purpledish brides

2. Got lots of loots.

calendar and sticky candy from w@w loot bag, bracelet from Joed, mug & tumbler from Zodio, tea light pot from exchange gifts

3. Our w@w pin.

4. I have proven that I have luck on raffles (sometimes). Rey also won from the raffle but he already left so the item was raffled again. Sayang!

Yey! May cord na kami! 🙂

Thanks to all the sponsors, suppliers who have helped in organizing this event. Most of all thanks to Ms Benz for giving us the best Christmas party this year. Hope we could join again next year. 🙂


The W@W Auction 2012

From the very first time I heard about the w@w auction I got so excited to join this.

Last week of Octoberwas the trial auction for w@w. I never had a chance to join the trial coz I was so busy preparing for our company’s Halloween celebration. The actual auction started last November 4 and I just got a time for this mid of this week. The list of items in the auction are so overwhelming. All are really good deals. I even saw my supplier there and wow someone could get it a  very low low price. Lucky them!

I didn’t bid yet coz I planned to place my bid hours before the bidding ends. My list includes Mad Hatter Studios, Joe San Antonio, Gretchen Pichay, Paolo Feliciano and Boy Kastner Santos. I also considered the unity coins but I thought we can forego that.

I immediately contacted these supplier to know if they are available on our date. And only BKS and Paolo Feliciano are available. Gretchen Pichay hasn’t replied yet. While Joe San Antonio have the same wedding date as ours. 😦

I planned to go home early Saturday so I could monitor the bidding but due to some other things I need to do I ended up going home late. I asked Rey to sleep in our house so we can do the bidding together and I could have the blessing when I want go beyond our budget.

I woke up around 3am coz that’s the end time of Engagement Session from Paolo Feliciano with styling. My only competitor for this is the reserve price. So I bid until I reach the reserve price. No hassle! I won the item! 1 Yey for me! 🙂

Slept for another hour then woke up at 5am “para brasuhan” my most liked item – BKS (bridal gown plus Groom’s attire). I thought that the price of the item would not go up coz there are only few bidders so I assumed that I could get this item.

6:03am (estimate) My first bid.

Just a few minutes after, another w@wie bid.

I was shocked with what happened. I was like staring at the monitor for minutes coz I can’t believe that our budget was already met and I can’t do anything (but I really wanted that item!!!). Few minutes later, Rey noticed that I was crying and then few minutes more I was crying with “hikbi”. I was so disappointed. But being the spoiled me, Rey allowed me to bid at a certain amount which I know is too high. Keber na ako! I really want that item. I said that I’ll just cover up the excess. Good thing that I also have another supporter on the other side (of the cyberspace), special mention Sis Johan of w@w.

We thought of a strategy first before bidding again. Planned to bid minutes before the auctions ends. But to my surprise another w@wie bid. The price of the item is getting higher and higher.

6:30 (estimate) Another bid from me.

The price reached our ceiling budget already!!! And then I gave up.

6:43 (estimate) Bahala na! I bid for the last time kahit over over na sa budget. Thinking that the other bidder won’t dare to bid again.

6:45am And the auction ended.

Grabe! From the time I woke up until the auction ended parang sobrang bilis ng oras!!!

The item slipped in my hands just like that. 😦 😦 😦

I thought that I’m gonna have this item as a birthday gift. But still no hard feelings coz what if I I won the item, will I still be happy knowing that it is way way our budget?

Though I didn’t win BKS I still got a consolation – Paolo Feliciano. I’m still a winner right? Coz I got his package at a very low price. Well, there’s still something to be happy for. 🙂

Got our ticket for our honeymoon trip!

Aside that we’re busy preparing for our upcoming big day comes along the preparation for our honeymoon. Ayiiiiiiiii!!!

During the process of our wed preps, we’ve already decided where to have our first ever intimate moment together as husband and wife.

Just last night, Rey chanced upon Cebu Pacific’s site and saw there’s an ongoing promo. So without hesitation he checked available flights and booked right away! (I think he’s been stalking Cebu Pac’s site ever since. hihi)

We kinda booked only half way coz Cebu Pac doesn’t have direct flight to that state and we’ll be using another airline to our destination and way back home.

Thanks Cebu Pacific for fulfilling our dream honeymoon. 😀

Prenup Marathon Pics from Imagine Nation

Here are the much awaited photos from the IN Prenup Marathon. I wanted to post everything but I decided just to pick only 3…ooppppsss…5 na lang pala. 😀

  • “Rain or Shine” by Larry Leong


Larry is kind enough to let us start the pictorial even before the timer starts – giving more time to create poses. Poses look natural.


Larry is soft spoken that sometimes we can’t understand what he wants us to do.

  • “Love the waitin” by Aika Guerrero


Aika is so ready with the props. Lots to choose from. But we opted to use our own props – PSP, DS XL & w@w primer.


Aika strictly follows the alloted time giving us little time to create poses. But I think this is also one of her good points.

  • “Rockstar Legend” by Jan Ray Bautista


Love JR’s props – a real guitar and drumset. The way he encourages us how to pose.


Some of our poses are not rockstar thingy.

For the end product, silhouettes aka photobomb of the other couples are captured in the pics. I think this is not his fault, maybe his station is just not a good place.

With the limited time we were given to come up with these beautiful shots how much more if we have all the time to shoot? 🙂

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