Wedding at the Central United Methodist Church

After my second fitting with Hana, sorry I chose not to share it at this time, we went straight to Central UMC.

Our purpose of going there is to clarify some things like the flower arrangement, the liturgy, the administrating pastor, etc.

Upon reaching CUMC, we were surprised that there will a wedding. Instant ocular!

basic flower arrangement

basic flower arrangement

After, we went to the office to talk to Ms. Babes, the coordinator. But she is on leave. Good thing that Ate Jenny is kind enough to entertain us. Though she cannot answer all, at least some of the major concerns were addressed. I was saddened that Bishop Cerrie won’t be really administrating our wedding because of his assignment to Mindanao. Oh well. For the flowers, there’s upgrade available at a cost. They don’t allow outside florist, it’s a case to case basis. More appropriate to say is they don’t allow flower arranging to be done at the church. Pwede raw salpak lang nang salpak. The liturgy that Ms. Babes gave me before is the exact liturgy to be used, we just have to reproduce it.ย  We will coming back again to have a more detailed discussion with Ms. Babes.

Since, we’re already there and a wedding is about to start, we stayed. Ate Jenny invited us to come inside the church so we could watch it closely. To avoid attention, we stayed at the balcony. Then the ceremony began.

I noticed too many glitches in this wedding. So I was like – ayoko ng ganyan, gusto ko ng ganito, ay bakit ganyan? bakit ganun? ay bakit walang upuan ang couple? bakit nagbasa lang ang pastor? bakit ang bilis?. The sounds administrator and the wedding singer heard me, said that it’s normal for a Chinese wedding but if it’s a Filipino it’s totally different. Hay buti na lang.

We left after the recession. On to our next destination – airport to fetch Daddy and do a little shopping at Duty Free. Wheeeee!!!


Bishop Cerrie to be assigned somewhere?

Hay kanina pagkagising ko I checked fb and I saw a post from Central UMC. I even liked the post without knowing what it really meant. Sorry I’m kinda ignorant on UMC conferences.

Here is the post:

The only thing I know there is MEA which stands for Manila Episcopal Area. So I googled DEA where Bishop Cerrie will be assigned. And Voila! Bumungad sakin ang napakagandang salitang DAVAO.Nooooooo!!! It can’t be. Would that mean he would be assigned in Davao???

I have always wanted him to officiate our ceremony. Here’s why. So if that would be the case there would be a great chance that he could not administer our ceremony.

Just so sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Now I’m thinking of requesting him and even pay for his travel expense just to be there in our wedding. Hmmmm…

A Thousand Years by Christina Perry

I have been LSS with this song for days. Am I considering this to be my bridal march song?

I remember Thoffy said in our meeting that this song very matches our theme and I told him that though the song is good I’m not thinking of considering it kasi it’s so “gasgas na”. This song has been the “pambansang” bridal march song this year but I think I’m having some connection with the song. Hmmmmm…

P.S. Before, I already decided a song that I will use for my march. I just listened to it right now and I got teary eyed (don’t know why). Mas malakas pa rin naman ang tama sakin nito kesa sa A Thousand Years. Well, let’s see. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stock Illustrations: A Young Bride Marching Down The Church Aisle


The Central United Methodist Church

Ever since I learned about this church I have always wanted to get married here.

For the reasons…

1. It’s the Central Church of UMC in Manila – itโ€™s like the Manila Cathedral of the Catholic churches.

2. It’s the biggest UMC church – I wanted to walk down in a long aisle.

3. It’s the first and oldest UMC in the Philippines – indeed a church with rich history that stood the test of time including WWII and the Japanese occupation.

Having said the above reasons, who wouldnโ€™t want to get married and be part of the colorful history of that church? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bonus: We won’t be having a hard time looking for the pastor who administered the wedding of my parents because he’s the administrative pastor in CUMC.

Side kwento: I wanted to wear the same gown my mother wore when she got married but it’s already gone. So plan B have the parent’s officiating pastor do their ceremony. Case closed!



Interior of the Central UMC

It is 113 years old, based on my calculation from it’s foundation day on 1899.

Click this link to learn more about the colorful history of this church.

Members of UMC will get BIG discount. We got ours! Yipee!!!



Exterior of the church

When we visited this church we talked to one member and said that she admires me coz I want to have a wedding on October specially in this church. Why? Ang sabi niya bumabaha raw dun!!!ย She even told a horror story where a scheduled wedding ceremony was called-off there because of the flood outside – ceremony was done in the hotel instead.

Hmmmm..that reminded me of my parent’s wedding…

My mom being carried because it’s flooded outside the church


Panalo ang bridal carry dba? ๐Ÿ˜€

My dad carrying my mom up to their reception. Take a closer look, visitors are carrying their shoes.haha

bigat na bigat na si Daddy. haha

By the way, here’s their officiating pastor…Pastor Cerri(right)

parang di sila masaya. haha

So going back to the flood issue,ย I believe that it won’t rain on our wedding day. But if it does, will that stop us from saying I do? ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. For some reason, I have to re-do and re-do this post coz wordpress is not updating and deleting everything. Argh!

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