Bishop Cerrie to be assigned somewhere?

Hay kanina pagkagising ko I checked fb and I saw a post from Central UMC. I even liked the post without knowing what it really meant. Sorry I’m kinda ignorant on UMC conferences.

Here is the post:

The only thing I know there is MEA which stands for Manila Episcopal Area. So I googled DEA where Bishop Cerrie will be assigned. And Voila! Bumungad sakin ang napakagandang salitang DAVAO.Nooooooo!!! It can’t be. Would that mean he would be assigned in Davao???

I have always wanted him to officiate our ceremony. Here’s why. So if that would be the case there would be a great chance that he could not administer our ceremony.

Just so sad. 😦

Now I’m thinking of requesting him and even pay for his travel expense just to be there in our wedding. Hmmmm…

A Thousand Years by Christina Perry

I have been LSS with this song for days. Am I considering this to be my bridal march song?

I remember Thoffy said in our meeting that this song very matches our theme and I told him that though the song is good I’m not thinking of considering it kasi it’s so “gasgas na”. This song has been the “pambansang” bridal march song this year but I think I’m having some connection with the song. Hmmmmm…

P.S. Before, I already decided a song that I will use for my march. I just listened to it right now and I got teary eyed (don’t know why). Mas malakas pa rin naman ang tama sakin nito kesa sa A Thousand Years. Well, let’s see. πŸ™‚

Stock Illustrations: A Young Bride Marching Down The Church Aisle


Really lovin’ RF!

Waaaaahhhhh napasigaw talaga ako nung nabasa ko ang email ni RF. Another request ko eh pinagbigyan na naman niya!!

Nung una medyo hesitant ako na i-ask siya kasi nakapirma na kami ng contract and baka hindi na niya a-accomodate ang request ko. Weeks ang lumipas at ngayon lang ako naglakas ng loob na iemail siya.

Grabe! Ang bait bait niya! Walang ano-ano nag-ok siya agad sa request ko.Β  Hindi ko talaga ineexpect na pagbibigyan niya ko due to legal matters. Weeeehhhh!!!

Am I the lucky bride-to-be?

“jenel!!!! baka ito ang para sayo!!!

A facebook message from a w@wie friend, Joed.

I just read the message and ignored it ‘coz it’s a link and I can’t open it through my phone.

The moment I got home, I immediately turned on my netbook and opened the link.

I have been bugging Joed for days regarding gown and budget issues and it’s so sweet that she remembered me. I said that I’m interested and I’ll compose an email then show to her for proofreading (para hindi naman magmukhang hayok na hayok ako sa gown na yun. ehehe)

Here is the exact email I sent.


Hi Christia,

I was never aware of a post in RB regarding the wedding gown you’re gifting until a good friend sent me the link. I have been bugging her for days regarding gown issues and she thought that this might be the answer to my problems.

No budget for a wedding gown? – This line immediately activated my senses and as I read on I got so excited then I saw the gown. It was exactly what one of my pegs for a gown. And what excites me most is it’s a gift.

Now, I’m trying my luck if I could be the lucky inheritor of this beautiful gown.



Christia replied fast and I was shaky reading the message. Do you think I’m the lucky bride-to-be?

Unfortunately, I’m the second b2b who emailed her and she said for the sake of fairness she’s been in contact with the first one. She assured me that if there would be any problem with their transaction she’ll contact me.

Well, the gown isn’t meant for me. That’s life! πŸ™‚

photo courtesy of Rebellious Brides

My dream wedding reception

I chanced upon this SDE from a w@wie’s wall and got attracted by its caption. At first I thought it was just a usual wedding ceremony/ reception but as the movie played on it struck my attention.

This is it! This is my dream wedding reception.

Beach reception. Couple’s entrance by a boat. Releasing of sky lanterns. Fireworks. Seeing the stars during our first dance. Whew! So beautiful!

Even before Rey proposed to me, I have always been vocal to him that I wanted a destination wedding –Β  a beach reception to be exact. These are exactly my ideas – a grand entrance riding a boat with fireworks at the background while someone is singing, another fireworks during our first dance, and releasing of sky lanterns at the end of the program.

But in the end, we considered so many factors that’s why we dropped the idea of a destination wedding.

And as I watch the video, I didn’t feel any single “inggit” because I know our wedding will be something of our own. πŸ™‚

Panicky Mode

I was browsing through our blog and I saw “The Big Day” reminder. It says 10 months to go. Seems like yesterday it said 12 months to go then now it’s down to 10? Shocks! Bigla yata ako nag-panic.

Though we’re almost done with booking suppliers it feels like there are still more.

Here are the suppliers we already booked so far:

1. Church.

2. Venue.

3. Caterer.

4. Photographer.

5. Videographer.

6. OTD Coordinator.

7. Lights and Sounds.

Currently we’re looking for these:

1. Wedding rings.

2. Gown couturier and suit maker.

3.Β  HMU.

4. Church stylist.

5. Event stylist.

Other things we need:

1. Invitation supplier.

2. Florist.

3. Hotel for preps.

4. much more…

Now, do I need to panic? :-/

W@W Auction: The fast and the furious round

(This is a very late post. Sorry.)

Two days after the first auction, Ms. Benz had been so generous for letting us have another round of it.

Well, I’m back with revenge with two more items. πŸ™‚

Got E-session with Bryan Yap… He previously worked for a high end photography studioΒ  (I think it’s Paul Vincent or Nelwin Uy, not sure though) then decided to have his own later on. Got him at a very low –Β  as in low price. Here are some samples of his prenup works.

Also, got couple boudoir session with Mad Hatter Studios. I didn’t let this chance pass coz I really wanted them so I bid as high as I can so I could get them. Voila!

I am so happy! πŸ™‚

Nagagalit na si sakin si Rey kasi ang dami na naming prenup. Good luck samin! haha πŸ˜›

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